Link T656

Rarr T101

Rage T405

Tude Greys T037G


Red Tiger’s spirit in monochrome, in the nurturing wisdom of magenta and the clarity of thought of blue.

Juxtaposed with the font of expression, of sass and attitude, of challenging authority and rules. Of breaking free, dancing to your own tune, walking your own path.

No conformity. Only character.

Black T999



You can’t know the depth of your character, ability and wisdom until circumstances prod you toward discovery. Blackness is a source of calm. It’s night, it’s rest and it’s quiet, but alive with possibilities and the whispers of your soul.

Neutral. No nonsense. Only regal sophistication. Luxury and stability.


Chia T021

Chia symbolises majesty and richness-- the ultimate harmony of mind and heart, of thinking and feeling, of logic and emotions. Designated throughout history as the color of royalty. And yet the true greatness of kings and queens is in the individuality, the unique and God-touched trait of the sacrifice of self for the people. No ego, only compassion.

Coal T020

Timeless, traditionalist, and classic. Neutrality is not boring and senseless. Every spirit needs objectivity to achieve true wisdom. Being able to see things as they are is a gift very few possess and an aspect of intelligence and maturity that all of us strive for.

Aqua T022


Clarity of thought and concentration. Focus and steadfastness. Aquamarine, the light splash of bluish-green dancing in light and shade. As cool and as cleansing as the ocean’s crystal tropical waters on your skin. Breathe. Inhale and exhale.

In with the good. Only the good.




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